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Hi been a sky subscriber for approx 12 years now . I have a offer of 10 months free hd which will expire shortly. I bought my hd box off eBay. When I cancel the free he do you think I would be entitled to a hd box upgrade the 1 tb box. Because they have never actually given my one?


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Hi to your question some people get the 1tb for free as they have had a thomson hd box from the start and sky are getting rid of them. The 1tb is a premium box and you you would pay from free to £149. you will only be eligible for the 500gb model of the sky hd box as that is standard. you can try to get the 1tb for free but very doubtful.

Ring sky and see what they say. I only paid £49 for my tb box as my box was failing. the sky installers came and did a brand new install and not a box swap as i was entitled to keep my original box so sky put 2 cables downstairs living room and one for upstairs living room.

Also try JD's team they are very helpful as they can give you good offers!!

Good luck anyway.


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I no this might not be what you are wanting but.

I rung sky yesterday about a 1TB box and they said it would cost me £109 to upgrade my box but on top of that i would have a sky installer come out move my box to another room and put the 1TB box in the living room and the box they move from the living room into the the other room i would get the multiroom free for a year.

So to break it down all for £109 i get.

£49 1TB box
£60 install and move by box
Free multiroom for a year witch is ment to be £123
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