Sky HDMI to another TV (best method?)


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My mother has had Sky for a number of years, and I'd connected TV Link (using coax from the box to the 2nd TV), and it worked great. A few months ago her Sky box packed in and was replaced by Sky. The new box has no coax output, just HDMI (I'm going from memory as I live 2 hours from her).

The 2nd TV is in the next room, and so about 5-6 metres from the Sky box. Also, she doesn't have internet/wifi so the solution would need to use it's own connection (if over wireless).

I've considered the following, but would appreciate advice on which is easiest to setup, considering cost too:
  • HDMI splitter with cable to 2nd TV (is range an issue?)
  • HDMI wireless option
  • HDMI to HDMI (over network using a single cable if possible)
  • Anything else?

Alternatively, she is willing to pay £10/month for Sky multiroom if that would work in her scenario? (No internet/wifi)

TIA :)


Assuming it Sky plus HD not q then the newer boxes have an IO link connector which you can use to connect an RF adapter to


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I can't remember what kind of box it was, but it doesn't have an IO link connector. I've attached a picture of the back of the box I took when I was there.


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