my sky hd plus box went down on christmas eve and it wont work anymore, so im looking at getting one of these sky boxes from amazon for
about £35, now what i want to know is will it work with my sky card which i used with my old box which wont work, can i take it
out of my old box and insert it into the new box,


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No, a Sky viewing card will only work in a Sky box.
You only need a Sky viewing card if you have a Sky subscription.
If you don't have a Sky subscription just buy a Freesat receiver or if money is a problem you should be able to pickup an old Sky+HD box for buttons or for free.
so if i get a other sky hd box my sky card will work in it, i have a subscription for premier league football and the discovery/history channels, anyway merry christmas to all who helped me and thanks very much,


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Yes, just need to pair the biewing card with the hd box.
Just google sky hd pair viewing card.
There are multiple ways.
not had the tv working over christmas since 24th december and its not been working for 5 days, its 28th now and im sitting with a newish
sky hd + box which cost me £30, the woman was in a rush and gave me a bag with what i thought was just the sky hd box and i just put
it inside the car and made my way home, getting outa the car i picked up the bag with the sky hd box in and walked into the house and made
a cuppa then opend the bag, i was looking at two boxes a sky hd + and a other box which turned out to be a sky q box, two boxes for the
price of £30m anyway i installed the newish sky box and turned on the sky box and everything worked brilliant, finally i can watch some good
tv plus some movies tonight and a good few beers, doing the card with sk was dead easy and alls working good,


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Excellent, thank you for the feedback.
The Q boxes are all Sky's property; don't know what you can do with it.
Shame they don't offer a reward for the return of their property! LOL

Greg Hook

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Sky Q boxes belong to Sky. You may want to be a good Samaritan and contact the seller as Sky will charge them for it.
yesterday being the 28th december i installed my newish sky hd + box and alls ok, then later on in the day i recieved a email from
the guy who sold me the sky hd box asking me to get intouch with him about this sky q box and that its been a awful big mistake what
has happend, he went on about her indoors putting both boxes into the same bag when it should of ben just the sky hd + box and nothing
els, so can you please give me a ring and we can sort this matter out, well after a little sleep and a bloody good thinking i decided
to give this guy a ring and after reading all the emails he'd sent me since this morning on the 29th, im on the phone and it starts to ring
and this guy said is that you and i said yes it is, the poor guy was telling me that he would have to pay sky a heck of a lot of money
and it could be has much has £400, so can you please bring it back and i will pay for your fuel, i thought for a minuet and i bet his wife
got a right telling off and at this point i said okay i will come around and bring with me the sky q box, the poor guy was glad that i agreed
and soon i was heading towards this guys house in morley leeds, i pulled up at the house and got out and walked towards the front door,
ringing the door bell this guy opend the door and said am i glad your here, i just gave him the back and he checked it and said how much do i owe
you, i said £10 will help very nicely, his wife soon came to the door and i said how are you and have you had a good christmas, you could
see both were glad to get the sky q box back and thats when i slung my hook and made it back home, alls well went well,
when sky brought out the sky hd + box it was a massive improvment on what we had before and sky must of pumped a large amount of cash into it, the design was awesome when that first came out and no ever had any complaints did thay, but i had a chance to see what a sky q box looked like and it looks like not a lot of thought and money went into it, in terms of design its not anywhere near the same has the sky hd + box, its small and theirs not much to look at, the sky q remote looks cheap and my tv remote looks better, the guy who i bought my newish sky hd + told me i was not missing anything in what im getting now from my sky hd, dont know if thats true but every ones to themselfs,

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