Sky HD - without the install?


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Hi there,

I am looking at getting a Sky HD box. Parents currently subscribe to Sky Sports World so all the mixes + the sky sports pack - Sky + SD.

I want the HD box as part of multi room with it being up stairs.

The dish is over the other side of the house and the cable run is a nightmare!

I have a motorised foreign satellite system with a feed that goes up stairs. I want to use this feed because I cannot be bothered to run another 2 feeds from the Sky dish.

If I go through Sky they will no doubt say non standard install because the cables would have to go through the loft and then into a corner that only a midget would fit in. They woiuld then have to drill through the ceiling and run it through trunking.

The cable run from the Sky dish is about 50-60m.

I have a phone line etc upstairs and the lack of a second feed to the Sky HD box doesn't bother me.


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You can have the cables running through your loft, when the engineers turns up tell him that you will scrabble around in the loft for him and he can do the rest.


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Hello - a few things:

1. I think sky would look to run the cables externally, and if they can be tucked up in the eves this would be inconspicuous, and I would think count as "standard"

3. In a multiroom set up I think the HD box has to be the "main" supscription box so you would have to swap viewing cards (this was the case when I installed mine a couple of years ago)

4. A private contractor will run any cables exactly how you want but will of course charge accordingly.

5. I'm sure if your other dish supports sky then you can use it, but not sure how (if you are still using its motorised capabilities for other services) the sky box would react to regular breaks to the satellite input feeds.

All in all I would think two feeds from the existing dish makes overwhelming sense, whether you, sky, or an independent contractor does it.

good luck any road!

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