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SKY HD with standard TV



I have a SKY HD engineer booked to install SKY HD for me on Friday. Unfortunately my LCD HD Ready TV hasn't arrived yet and the best day the delivery company can give me is that it will arrive on Friday.

Will it cause any problems if the SKY engineer turns up before the LCD TV. What issues should I look out for. My current TV is a standard 32inch widescreen CRT TV.



It simply means that you will not be able to watch HD channels in their true resolution. Just the standard. He may cancel and rebook which could take six weeks. Prepare for a Christmas without HD.



Standard Member
i had sky hd with a standard tv for a while though i had a custom install. i see no reason why you should tell them let the enginer come and install on your standar tv all you need do is connect HDMI cable from box to your new screen when it arrives.
all channels are viewable on SD tv just at standard res



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make sure he doesn't walk away but actually installs it for you

you will need to re-programme the remote when you get the new TV


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I have got my install booked for Thurs and again i have been let down by company providing plasma so im hoping as well they will fit box onto normal tv and then tv people can sort when it finally arrives.


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im pretty sure the engineer will go ahead, he will just scart it up to ensure it's all working,

then its just up to you to connect via the supplied hdmi lead when your brand spanking tv arrives.

and hey presto HD pictures


The installation will go ahead. My plasma TV has no HDMI in, so I bought a Vision FC4 which converts HDMI to VGA. I was able to prove it worked with my upscaling DVD player, but not with the SkyHD box until it arrived. The engineer would have been quite happy to connect it via scart, had the box not worked (which thankfully it did).


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My HD installation was done on June 24th. I only had a 5 year ols 36" crt at the time

No problem

You are the customer - just get it installed - all they need check is the signalstrength/quality and then go.


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You are the customer - just get it installed - all they need check is the signalstrength/quality and then go.
Does anyone know what the minimum criteria is on signal strength/quality for HD to be installed without a new dish/LNB/cabling etc? One of my inputs is exactly halfway on signal strength, the other one bar higher.

I don't really want new cabling as the existing cables are now behind new skirting boards. I don't care about the LNB being changed if necessary but I don't know if they usually fit them to existing cables.


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Had my new HD box installed today onto standard tv no problems at all card paired straight away and i think the picture quality has improved on all channels but especially on HD versions even though on normal tv.

Jaycee Dove

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Sky installed us early (on 23 May) and we only had a Sony CRT for 2 days.

Not an issue at all - save you see the difference but also can prove that the SD channels really are softer and less sharp (even on a good SD TV) than they are on SKy + whatever others say.


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I'm having SKYHD installed on the 7th of September but my Projection TV doesn't have HDMI it has Conponant will the intaller install the HD Box this way?


He should do. SkyHD boxes have component outputs, and most installers carry component cables, but I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have a spare, just in case.

Chris Muriel

Distinguished Member
I have just been viewing some of the HD stuff on Astra 19E and Astra 28E on a decent Philips widescreen TV (32PW9631/25) as an experiment.
I was surprised how good the picture looked , especially BBC HD preview.

Chris Muriel, Manchester

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