SKY hd with an SD tv ?


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Yes I know this sounds silly, but it is a genuine question, so nice:)

I have a Pansonic PD50 CRT, with component inputs.

a) does the HD box have component out ?

b) will the HD broadcast enhance my viewing pleasure ?

c) Is it (at £149) just a decent upgrade,in relation to memory, to my current sky+ ?

d) I have multi room, so yes free install, but will my £10 multi room fee disappear to be replaced by a £10 HD subscription or will I pay them both ?

Thank you for your patience and anticipated help :thumbsup:


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a) Yes

b) Yes on the hd channels, although this is more to do with how poor the sd ones are (poor bitrate etc) rather than the increase in resolution. If however you can't see just how poor sd channels are on sky at the moment then you may well not see any improvement, a lot of these deficiencies aren't so noticeable on smaller crt screens

c) The hard drive on the hd box may well be bigger than your sky+ box (depends what hard drive is currently in your sky+) but hd programmes take up more space so if you are mostly recording hd channels you will end up with less rocording time.

d) HD subscription includes sky+ subscription if you don't currently get that free with your package but you would still have to pay multiroom

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