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Hi Guys,

I regularly read these forums and know that there are some smart and helpful people on here. So, this is my first post and I'm looking for some help please?

My knowledge of Sky, Virgin, TV etc wiring is very limited but I am currently re-wiring my house. I thought I would get it all done in advance but not sure how they all work. What I could really do with is a simple diagram please which shows how I should wire from the satellite into 3 bedrooms, 2 lounges and a kitchen for both Sky and Virgin. I have already done the telephone and internet cabling into each room.

I would like the ability to have a sky box in any room and also Virgin Media but not decided which one to go for yet. I am trying to future proof though.

The system I am used to is where I had one Sky HD box in the lounge and could watch that same channel in every room using the aerial out and a magic eye. However, I could put a sky box in every room. I would ideally like both options.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - Many thanks in advance.

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You say you are wanting a 'wire from the satellite....for both Sky and Virgin'. Virgin is a cable service, nothing to do with satellite reception. Why would you want both anyway as most of the services are relatively similar? It would seem to be an unnecessary expense and a diagram would hardly be 'simple'.

Currently you don't have HD around the house if you are simply using the RF output from a Sky box. Virgin boxes don't have a similar RF output so you cannot distribute signals that way. You would need to invest in Virgin boxes in every room in order to have HD everywhere. Similarly you would need to invest in the new Sky box system. I would suggest you weigh up the two possibilities and go in one direction or the other depending on what you can afford and cable for that. Virgin are not always keen on using customer installed cabling.
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Hi Mike. Thanks for your reply and some valid points there. Sorry my thread was a bit confusing. I currently do not have either in my new house. I just wanted to have that option for the future. Sky is better for flexibility but i used to have Virgin some 5 years ago and i like that more. I just wanted to lay all the cables so i dont have unsightly wires or have to rip things apart for install at a later date.

As far as i know virgin is simple and daisy chained through the house a maximum of 3 or 4 times?


I believe you are right in thinking that a multi-virgin installation is daisy-chained. I think there is a limit. I have no idea what it might cost. You probably need to talk to Virgin and discuss what cables you can put in yourself.
You could look at centralising all your boxes (sky or virgin) and then distributing them to TVs over cat6 .

This would give the flexibility of any tv watching any box and all in HD

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Personally I would run a couple of coax and a couple cat5/6 cables to each point back to a centralised point, ideally not your loft but you could use your loft. 4 coax cables to a dish position and 1/2 cables to the aerial position, you can worry about what you want to do later and you're pretty much covered in most scenarios. Maybe also add a couple extra cables for the lounge.
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