Sky hd to 2 tvs via hdmi

Tony Hoyle

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*** don't switch on both TVs at the same time using a device like that - you stand a good chance of damaging both TVs and/or the Sky box.

Distribution amps are getting quite cheap now - you need something like Keene Electronics


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Well,Iam angry now.If thats the case he should not be allowed to sell the item with a description of "Watch Sky hd on two Tvs":mad:


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Well,Iam angry now.If thats the case he should not be allowed to sell the item with a description of "Watch Sky hd on two Tvs":mad:
It doesn't say that. It actually says "one sky hd box in to two TV's" which is true - you just can't watch them both at the same time. Caveat emptor


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I'm just going to hijack this thread a bit, but at least you can't accuse me of not searching ;)

I'm looking to do something similar to the original post so I can take a feed from the HD box to a tv in the kitchen.

My question is this, the TV is only 19" so is it worth going to the cost of sending a HD signal to it or should I just stick to using a magic eye set up?

The cable will be going down into the cellar and then back up into the kitchen so I'd say I'd need at least 10 meters of cable.

Is there another option that I might have missed?


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Hi Mda

I have a 19" Lg in the kitchen and currently using magic eye and RF2.I ran the hdmi to the 19" in the Kitchen and to be honest mate the picture was not that much better.Don't get me wrong ( and no spec savers or Night and day comments please) it was better but you needed to be really close to see much difference,close up yes a real differnce,but not really worth it IMO.


Matt Davidson

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I have done exactly as you want to do and have run my sky hd to 4 tv's using this:- Plexus 4 Port Pro Grade HDMI Video Splitter (Connect 4 x HD Displays To A Single HD Source) - Ebuyer

It might be a bit more expensive that the other one but this splits to 4 x tv's and not just 2. It means that if you added another tv in the future then you wouldnt need to upgrade again. It doesnt matter how many tv's are connected or switched on, it flawlessly displays the picture on whatever tv i'm watching and is a very well made piece of kit. The case is metal, not flimsy plastic and i have it set up and running within 2 minutes of opening the box. 3 of the tv's are using 10m HDMI cables and there is no loss of picture quality what so ever.

Seriously highly recommended and with the addition of a lifetime guarantee you cant go wrong.


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