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meath man

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Hi guys, im sure this has been asked 100 times but i cant find the answer........

My current sky subsciption: - I subscibe to sky world - we get all the premium channels. I have 2 sky+ boxes. One in the main room and one in the bedroom. We pay 15 euro extra a month for multiroom

My question - if i were to get sky hd to replace one of my sky+ boxes in the bedroom would i have to pay for both the extra multiroom subscription and sky hd 15 euro monthly charge.......... ie would be paying 30 euro extra on top of my sky world subscription...

If i would only have to pay 15 extra a month, whats the cheapest way to get the sky hd box in ireland........


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Hi Meath Man

I'm up in the North (Derry) - so sterling. But the same rules will apply. If you get a HD box you will have to pay the additional subs for that - £10 here. For example, here's what I have to pay:

Full Sky package : £43
Second sub : £10
HD Sub : £10

There seems to be some discussion on the HD subs being dropped sometime in the future.

Hope this helps.

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