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Jan 16, 2007
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Hi there

I'm very interested in moving over to sky HD

I have bought a SkyHD box, i have a dish set up in the correct place, with the correct cables etc, all that's needed for me to purchase now is a Sky HD Card.

I've been on the sky website and it seems they want an instillation fee and a set up fee, when i think that is not needed as it should be plug and play for me now...

Is anyone aware if you can just buy the card by itself without having to pay all the additional fees?

Any infomation will be mostly appreciated :smashin:

Since you don't require subsidised hardware or install then you want a second hand contract which you then add the HD MIX too, be aware the minimum is 1 MIX and the HD MIX with a 12 month contract so prices will start from £26.50 a month.
As above....
... but just to be pedantic you don't actually buy and never own the viewing card.
A card is obtained from Sky and is subsequently enabled with the services you require and pay a subscription for, but the card remains the property of Sky at all times and must be returned to them upon request

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