Sky HD sound cutting out when i double click mouse


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This might sound crazy but when i double click my mouse to open a folder on my pc the sound cuts out for a second. Sky goes to my av reciever like everything else via optical.

Googled to see if there was a fix but nothing comes up, only started doing it today and toda was the first time i connected an ethernet cable to my sky box. Tried disconnecting the cable but the sound still cuts out.

Think there is a Ghost in my Machine. :eek:


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Stuff going into my av receiver are, ps3, 360, wii, dreamcast, pc and sky hd

Ps3, 360 and pc are hdmi
Dreamcast is VGA to tv and sound via analogue to the av receiver
Wii is component I think
Sky hd is only optical as I plug it directly into my samsung ue46d8000.

Mouse and keyboard are wired although the mouse has been acting up recently. When moving it across my surface it jumps across the screen instead of Bering smooth as if it's not reflecting off the surface properly. And unplug and frolic usually fixes it.

Will have a look into that.

Stevenage Neil

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Most obvious thing to try is disconnecting the PC from the receiver.


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Problem solved, took the cable out the cat 5 cable out the sky box and it still did it, took it out of the network switch and nothing. Put it back in and it has fixed it, weird but atleast it's fixed.

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