Sky HD scaler better than 436xde's?


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Evening All,

Im still fiddling around after a week of having Sky HD installed, trying to hone my settings. I am trying to decide whether to set the HD box to 720p to let the HD box do the interlacing, or 1080i to let the XDE do it. I have been trying to convince myself that 1080's better as i thought the XDE's scaler would be better, but I think my eyes are telling me that 720p is better. The reason I say this is although in the TV Guide menu I would have to say possibly 1080 is clearer, while watching football i see alot more breakup in the white lines on the pitch in 1080i (is this due to interlacing?). I watch ALOT of football, so this is particulaly important.

I was just wondering for any other XDE owners, especially football viewers, if they have found the same, or if maybe one of my other settings on the pioneer is causing the interlacing issues on the white lines when its set to 1080i.

I have basically turned off any assistance from the tv as follows. Any advice if these are wrong:

Contrast 23
Brightness 0
Colour -12
Tint 0
Sharpness 0

Pro adjust-
Pure Cinema off (wouldnt go on form 720 source anyways)
Colour Temp Mid
Dynamic contrast off
Black Level OFF
Gamma 2
Drive move 100htz

I have exactly the same settings on DVD too from my Denon 2910 which is feeding at 720p aswell, other than it letting me select 'IP Mode' which is on 1, and also set to drive mode of 75Hz.

If anything looks out of place please let me know.

Thanks for any comments on SKY HD settings and the pioneer settings, I dont think ill ever stop honing though!


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Anyone any input?


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I'm no expert, but have been told by several different people that for fast action sport, such as football etc. then 750p is a better bet than 1080i. However, I have to say that watching on my 506 XDE both look virtually identical to my eyes! So not a lot of help I'm afraid!:)

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