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Dear all

Hopefully this wont sound a stupid question - here goes...

i have just installed a Sky Hd box and am waiting for Sky to match the Card up - no problem I hope!

Anyway I have one dish signal into the box - Dish1 (not 2 because i have a communal aerial)
I also have a normal aerial feed into the box
Both work on the the main TV.
However I then have a RFout (ive tried RF1 and RF2out) which has a cable going back into the wall in my front room. I then have a aerial cable connected from the wall in the bedroom this feeds the picture to the bedroom TV.

This worked fine before on the normal Sky ie BBC1,2,ITV,CH4 and then Sky showed on Channel No.5. (obviously it would only show what Sky was showing on the main tv)

What i cant work out is that the Tv in the bedroom now shows terristerial channels by using the RF out (on the SKY Hd box in the front room) but the Sky signal isnt coming through at all (I know it wont be HD but surely I should get a Sky picture on Channel No. 5 in the bedroom as i did previously?

Would the Tv in the bedroom need re-tuning as the signal is on a different frequency? I have tried but cant seem to pick it up

Its as though the RF out on the SKY Hd box is only sending out the signal from the Aerial in and not the Dish in.

Its driving me nuts - any ideas guys?


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Engineer probably forgot to switch it on for you:suicide:

You want RF2 out

Go into services menu......

......ignore screen and press - Services - 4 - 0 - 1 - Select.

Then 4 - RF Outlets

RF channel - probably 68

RF power supply ON

Save new settings.

Hope that works :smashin:


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Also if the picture is a bit ropey on RF channel 68 change it to 32 and that should sort did for me :)


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Thanks alot guys- ive followed the instructions and hey presto I have the picture

The only thing I would say is that it is not as clear as Channels 1-4, ive changed it from 68 to 32 and that was marginally worse, I have faint diagonal stripes across it, which really detract from the picture.

Ive had to change the male to male with a connector at the Sky Hd box would that lose me anything? Surely the Sky pticutre should at least be as clear as channels 1-4 and the connector would affect 1-4 the same anyway?

Any ideas?


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Mine is the same. Channels 1 to 5 look better on terestrial feed than they do on Sky.

I just think the SkyHD box has a below average output quality through RF2.


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Thanks Kev -seems odd that when I had standard Sky the picture through to the bedroom was great, you upgrade to SkyHd and the RF output is weaker - thats what they call progress I suppose!!!


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I have one of the new Sky+ HD box's - the Pace 2.22.2 ones.

The RF out was enabled by the engineer (I am not sure how to get to the menu to do this as the box has a new menu screen)

The volume of the RF out is very low - so much so I have to turn the other TV up to full to hear a sound. Is there a way of turning the vol up or is it factory set?

Many thanks


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RF2 ON/OFF is set through engineer's menu...............

Services - 0 - 0 - 1 - Select............RF is option 4.

No way of adjusting RF2 volume as far as I know. Try a different Channel.
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Just for the record, BOTH RF outputs are enabled permanently. You can not turn the signal off.

The RF Outlet POWER on/off selection serves merely to set the 9 volt power supply on so that it powers a "magic eye" remote extender or a Digibox-powered amplified splitter.

The secret menu is called the "Installer Setup" menu. (It has nothing to do with engineers.)


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The secret menu is called the "Installer Setup" menu. (It has nothing to do with engineers.)


Completely agree Martin. My mistake, I usually refer to it as a "hidden menu". No idea where the word "engineer" came from...........:hiya:

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