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My brother has just moved into a new apartment and the builder said that the apartment already had sky hd connections. When he moved in there was a face plate similar to this Labgear PSW241M Quadplexed TV FM-DAB Sat Sat2 Plate: Electronics

As I only had one cable with me I plugged it in to Sat 1 and plugged the other end into input 1 of his Sky+ HD box. To my surprise he could watch one channel and record another. I thought that you could only do that if there were 2 inputs connected? Why are there two inputs if he can do all that he needs through one input? Or will the second input allow him to record two programmes and watch another. I'm a little confused as I always thought sky+ used 2 cables?

The next question is he has a wall plate marked "return" with a female aerial connector? What is this for? I've tried searching for an explanation but can't find one. He also has an aerial point in his bedroom that I haven't checked if that has got freeview or not. What is the use of the return wall plate?

Many thanks for any advice you can give me.


You thought correctly - better check that!
The return is for getting the currently selected programme from Sky RF2 Out to another room, and the Freeview channels if an aerial is connected to the Sky machine.

Superfly Si

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Thanks for the reply.

As regards the return he could get a magic eye and control the sky from his bedroom? Basically he doesn't need multi room?



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If there's a cable connected to "Return", it is entirely isolated from anything else so it can be used however you wish.


Correct, though it needs a socket in the other room to connect to!

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