Answered Sky HD replaced by Sky Q - aerial no longer available?


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I've recently had my Sky HD replaced with Sky Q. The HD box was configured so that the the output could be shared via RF. No RF sockets on the Q box of course (no matter, I never used the shared output) so the aerial cable now goes directly to the TV, but now none of the aerial sockets in the house are receiving a signal. This does not matter on the TV connected to the Q box of course, but I don't have multi-room and watch via Freeview in another room.

I have an amp/distribution box (forgive my terminology) in the loft which I assume 'feeds' the various wall sockets, but why would removing the Sky HD box from the loop affect this?

What am I missing?


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The aerial was probably plugged into your old Sky+HD and the RF out from that then went to the distribution box so look for an unused coax cable with a female end and plug the aerial directly into it.
If you also want to feed the aerial into your TV you'll need a coax splitter.
You may get away with a simple passive splitter if you have a good signal.


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That is exactly it. Found amongst a nest of cables in conduit and holes in the rear of the AV unit. Thank you. Kitchen TV working as normal now, main TV I'll need a splitter as you said.


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