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Hope you can help me.

I have just recently bought a SKY+ HD box from ebay (£95 Bargin ) and am in the middle of upgrading to Sky+HD, that i have just plugged into my Sky + connection. The chap i bought it from says that on his sky viewing card he had about 1-2 weeks left to run so thought id use it up till next weekend, plug in and have a play. I am upgrading my TV next weekend and putting it up on the wall and am going to pair my old viewing card with it. At the moment he gets all the sub channels inc all the HD ones but the problem is that where channel 4 should be is S4c and the regional programs are different cos it came from wales. my question is, when I par up my viewing card to the box when I install it next weekend will the regions change back to mine, or is there something i can do to manually change it back to normal Channel 4?? I just thought id leave SKY +HD connected for a while as have never had it and wanna get used to menus and stuff.

I can view all HD channels, but its not proper HD as only connected via scart at the moment.

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Wrong forum but...
when you pair your existing card to the HD box your regional settings will remain exactly as they are now.

BTW - the card shouldn't really have been supplied with the box as it is the property of Sky Subscriber Services (not the customer) and must be returned upon request (it rarely is)


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Totally forgot that the viewing card is sky's. When I opened up the viewing card slot i just saw it there and then emailed him. He said he had a week or so before it ran out and i could use it but I have been ordered by the wife to dismantle Sky + HD till next weekend and put our old box back as the regional channels are all welsh and i am in South east.

many thanks


Totally forgot that the viewinng card was Sky's, When i saw it in the machine I emailed him and said it was there and he said I could use it cos it had a week or so left on it. But the wife has told me to dismantle it till I install it properly next saturday as the regional and channel 4 channel is in welsh and we are in south east. I will pair my card next weekend and get my channels back.
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Just ring sky & get them to pair your proper card to the new box. No point dismantling for a 2 minute call.

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