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Nivek TT

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My wife recently discovered the yoga classes on one of those workout channels and decided she wants to record all 50 odd episodes for working out from home. This shouldn't be a problem. I've a 1TB Sammy drive that's been perfectly reliable for well over 6 months now and the picture quality from these channels is sub-youtube so won't likely take up any space.

3 episodes are shown a day but unfortunately no series link so she needs to set each recording manually. So she set up 5 days worth of recordings which including some other stuff is taking up over 2 pages on my planner!

Ever since she has done this I'm presented with a blue screen in the morning. The box sorts itself out after a hard reset but I suspect this sort of volume of planned recordings is causing it some trouble overnight.

Obviously I will request she cuts back the planned recordings to see if that helps things out but thought I'd describe the situation here to see if anyone else has experienced something similar.

Nivek TT

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Got her to cancel all her recordings but still a blue screen this morning but worse still it wouldn't recover following a hard reset!

Gave up this morning and left it unplugged from the mains. Hopefully it'll fire up when I get home from work and I can conduct the usual maintenance to sort it out... hopefully :rolleyes:


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I would get a TiVo (or Windows Media centre/MythTV/appleTV/other HTPC) and record all the other halfs stuff on that and leave your 1TB for your own stuff :). I think TiVo copes with up to 500 programmes but does slow down a bit.

Let us know what the recording limit is -maybe it is 128/256/512/1024 programmes.


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The theoretical limit for a Sky+/HD box is 1000 recordings. That's the space allocated in the fixed size planner file.
Also, the standard root directory of one 32K cluster gives 1024 entries. 1000 recording directories + some space for the system files (planner etc). Probably where the 1000 limit comes from in the first place.
Not sure if there is a separate limit on scheduled recordings though.

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