SKY+HD receiving problems.


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Hello good people, Please can anyone confirm or deny that SKY+HD customers living in Scotland, with a standard installation, are fitted with a bigger dish antenna than those in England?. I am locking horns with SKY over this and wish to have the information before persuing this further.
May I thank anyone who replies.
In Southern and Central England the standard fitment was a 43 cm dish (commonly called a zone 1 dish) in Scotland and most of Northern England the standard was a 60cm dish (zone 2 dish). These measurements were the approx width of the dishes although current zone 1 dishes are now wider.


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I think current zone 2 dishes are nearer 70cm?
Anyway, if you are north of Carlisle, you won't get reliable reception with a zone 1 dish. If you are north of Glasgow, you probably won't get reliable reception with a zone 2 dish.
Sky+HD seems especially prone to problems with small dishes because a momentary loss of signal will result in "recording failed" whereas, with a standard Digibox, you may simply see a momentary flash across the screen.

(And this question should obviously be in the SkyHD section and not here!)


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Thank you gentlemen for the information. May I apologize to MartinPickering, I thought I was in the right place, but obviously not. Sorry once again.


The apology is for AVF but I'm sure MP will share it with me.
Great operetta by the way.

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