Sky HD programme highlights for March 09


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All subject to change.

Sky Box Office

Tropic Thunder
Pineapple Express
Bangkok Dangerous

Sky Movies

Over Her Dead Body
In Bruges
The Game Plan
Nim's Island
The Kite Runner

Sky One


Sky Real Lives

The Dog That Saved Our Marriage
Vanity Insanity
New Parent Nightmares

Sky Arts

In Search Of Beethoven
Prog Rock Week
Viva La France
Ballet Boyz On Dance
Duran Duran: Songbook Special

National Geographic

Air Crash Investigation (Series 7)
Blue Whale Odyssey
In The Womb: Identical Twins
Cheetahs: Against All Odds


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Each to their own I guess, but I could not do without it.

But then again I am a sad ******* and don't go out, so rely on the TV to keep me company :)


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Fringe, Duran Duran and Air Crash Investigation I am defo looking forward to.


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Not a bad month, some movies I am interested in and the return of Fringe and at last new Aircrash:)


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There's plenty of primetime HD cricket from the West Indies to keep me happy.

Along with a World Golf Championship on Sky and The Masters on BBC, both in HD, there's not much time left for 'normal' stuff!!


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Now I know why I got rid of SKY.

You are aware they don't make the stuff!

Anyway, glad Fringe is back (even though it started back on US screens a few weeks ago!) and thanks for the Duran heads-up. I knew they were doing the show but had no idea when it was being shown, HD aswell which is nice.

Cannot wait to see Juno again. Not because it's the best thing ever, it's more to do with the fact that when I saw it last time in the cinema a woman brought along 5 kids (the youngest was about 3).

12a is a rating, not a goddamn challange!


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I'd recommend Rambo, if you want a no-brainer of pure action & complete carnage, I borrowed the blu-ray off my mate & ended up buying it in the end. Not for the squeamish.

I'll give In Bruges a go & possibly Leatherheads.

Good news on Fringe.

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