Sky HD - "Please wait" then a black screen


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I'm getting this on my Sky HD box - it simply won't turn on properly, and the light on the front stays amber rather than going green.

I've tried turning it off/on at the wall to no avail, and I've tried doing the system update by holding down backup when turning on the unit - took around 15 minutes but the problem is still there.

Can anyone please recommend anything else to try? Sky want £199 for a replacement, and the thought of paying that when I have the full package (Entertainment Extra, Sports, Movies + ESPN) makes me feel a little bit ill ;_;



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You could try a front panel reset however it will delete all the recordings on the box, not much to lose in trying it though because if the box is replaced then you will have lost the recordings anyway.

To do the front panel reset switch the box of at the mains. Then hold down the left and right navigation buttons on the box not the remote and switch the box back on at the mains. Keep the buttons pressed in until the front panel display lights up. Once the front panel lights up press the select button twice on the box and the front panel display will start to rotate anti clockwise. Once this cycle has stopped leave it a few minutes and then try and switch the box on as normal


Haven't they made the usual suggestion - charging you £65 for someone to come and fix it - which in practice might mean providing a replacement?
You haven't given us the most important information, what machine it is that you have now, but - and especially as you're paying for the complete works - you shouldn't have any problem in getting a new replacement for a lot less than that quotation, and quite possibly for nothing - as these people have done:


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Many thanks for the replies, unfortunately the front panel reset wouldn't work for me - I don't get the blue circle when holding down left/right :( pretty gutted, not just the cost but th fact I've lost so many recordings too. Sigh.

Thanks for the head up on a refurb though, may even try to get a 1TB (even more recordings to lose, yay!)


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Ah ha! The Sky box is working perfectly again now! But unfortunately I lost all of my recordings. Could've been a lot worse though, thanks :)

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It's known as "The Law of Cosmic Cussedness", although there are other names for it (which won't get past the forum filter!).

The emissions light in my car has been on for the last couple of weeks, but I've continued using it, as it runs perfectly.

With an MOT due next month, I took it to the dealer this morning and guess what?

The light went out when he started it and no fault found! :facepalm:

I bet it'll do it again on the day of the MOT, just as your Sky HD box is bound to play up again shortly. :mad:

Fingers crossed for both of us... :)



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