Sky+HD PACE Box via HDMI = Purple Screen


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Ive recently purchased a new Toshiba TV and have connected the PACE Sky +HD box via HDMI. Since then the normal performance of the box has been intermittent with it locking up and also displaying a purple screen.

The TV normally displays a blue screen when there is no signal coming from the box but the purple screen has been displayed alot recently but only when taking the TV out of standby. I'm thinking that it's a HDMI issue but have been using an old panny plasma panel screen via scart prior to this so have no experience of the issues surrounding HDMI connectivity.

I have tried a planner re-build in an attempt to get around the box locking up but so far the only way to rescue the box is to cycle the mains power.

Does anybody have any idea why this the PACE box isnt working correctly with the Tosh TV? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I would hate to have to ring Sky!


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I have this issue every now & then with my tosh it is not handshaking the HDMI signal properly all I do to get rid of it is press tv guide then it sorts itself out. You may have to do this a couple of times but it normally sorts it first time.

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If you do a search on this forum you will find threads on this dating back to 2008 as it has been a long standing and widely reported issue.

It is HDMI related, effects certain TVs only, is exacerbated by certain amps and there is more about all this in the threads.

One even has comment from Pace who were contacted about it 2years ago.


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I found a thread straight after I posted actually - thatnks for that much appreciated.

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