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Sky HD - output sound via Sony DAV-DZ260 home cinema


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I'm thinking of getting Sky HD but I'm worried I wont be able to output it's sound through my Home Cinema System and would like some advice if possible as my knowledge of AV is limited.

I do not have any Sky at the moment, if that helps.

My TV is a Sony KDL-32V4000 and has the following ports:

3 x HDMI input ( 19 pin HDMI Type A )
1 x VGA input ( 15 PIN HD D-Sub (HD-15) )
Audio line-in
1 x component video input ( RCA phono x 3 )
Composite video input ( RCA phono )
1 x S-Video input ( 4 PIN mini-DIN )
Audio output ( RCA phono x 2 )

My home cinema kit is a Sony DAV -DZ260 with built in DVD player. It's ports are in the attached image.

The DAV -DZ260 connects to the TV using a HDMI cable so the sound from any DVDs I play comes through the DAV -DZ260 (sorry for stating the obvious I said my knowledge was limited).

To enable the sound from my TV to output through the DAV -DZ260 I got a cable that goes from the TV's audio ouputs to the SCART port on the DAV -DZ260, then I set the output to Home Cinema on the TV menu. OK the sound isn't super duper Dolby etc but its a hell of a lot better than the TV's internal speakers.

So, If I connect up a Sky+HD box ( I assume it connects via a single HDMI ) to this current set up what will happen to the sound?

I want to avoid a situation where the Sky+HD will only play through the TV's internal speakers and obviously would like to find out as much as I can before I finally relent and sell my soul to Sky!

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.


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your lucky you bought an all-in-one system with an Optical in (many don't have)

Connect the SkyHD Optical audio out to the DAV-DZ260 Optical in (port 7 on pic)

SkyHD HDMI straight to tv HDMI in.

In SkyHD Sound settings choose Dolby D.

You will then get stereo sound through TV speakers via HDMI or if you switch on the sony DAV-DZ260 you'll get Dolby digital audio from the channels that output in Dolby Digital. For channels that don't output in DD you should be able to select a Pseudo surround mode such a Pro Logic or similar.


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As your home cinema also supports digital coaxial input, and all Sky HD boxes now support digital coaxial output, you could use that method for getting digital audio from Sky HD box to home cinema as an alternative to optical.


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I thought they we're all digital? Even the cheapest ones seem to have the word digital in somewhere.

Yes, all optical cables are digital. There is no such thing as optical analogue. What Uridium was saying is that as the signal is digital (i.e. made up purely of ones and zeroes going in at one end and out at the other) the price of the product doesn't make a blind bit of difference. As long as all the ones which go in at one end come out as ones at the other, and as long as all the zeroes which go in at one end come out as zeroes at the other, paying £20 for a cable rather than £1.50 won't improve on the signal. You can't improve a digital signal - there is nothing you can do to it to make it better.


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When i bought my Onkyo recevier RS tried to sweeten the deal by throwing in a £30 Cambridge audio Optical cable.

I took it gladly as it 'looked' great quality compared to my existing poundland cheapie cables :D

Lasted about 6mths until the plastic moulding on cable snapped of in the socket of my AMP.

The poundland cables are still going strong.......

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