Sky HD ordered, but the house doesn't exist yet!?


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OK, so I am moving into a new apartment in 11 days time, and I have ordered a great Sky HD package from the 'Best Buy' offer.

Anyway, the apartment isn't ready yet, so i have set the install date to a few weeks away, however the welcome pack and Sky Card is going to be sent to the new address with in the next 5 days. Problem being, for at least the next 5 days, the address doesn't really exist.
I have told this to Sky and they cannot change or delay the delivery of the welcome pack, so i guess i will just have to let it get 'lost' in the post.

My question being, has anyone had this before? and will i just be able to get sky to re-issue the welcome pack when my first gets lost...



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I had this issue when I asked Sky to deliver to my existing home, but they delivered to the new one before I moved in :(. I phoned them 3/4days before the install and explained that they had delivered it to my new flat before I moved in and it had gone missing, they sent me a new viewing card which arrived the day before the install was due.

They explained that if the viewing card did not arrive before the install the install could go ahead, but I would then have to pair the card myself (which I can tell you is sometimes a faff).


Could you not contact Royal Mail or whomever they use to deliver and arrange for the welcome pack to be held back at depot?


It would be a bit awkard to provide the address ID that the post office would want for retention or redirection. :D


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It would be a bit awkard to provide the address ID that the post office would want for retention or redirection. :D

Thats my problem right there. I tried to organise a royal mail redirect, backwards, but because the new address doesn't exist yet, i cannot get royal mail to do anything at all.

I guess there will just be a postman aimlessly trying to stab my letter through trees etc...


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They must be going to put this place up pretty damn quickly if it's going from tree to apaprtment block in 11 days :)

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