Sky HD or Upgrade existing Sky + Box



We have a sky + box now that is really quite old and is starting to make some odd noises! Also we are constantly running out of disk space...
Is it better to risk trying to upgrade the box with a bigger hd myself or investing in a sky hd box say from midsat and not subscribing to the HD content (no hd tv (yet) but sky world so have the sky + functions free)

Oh and anyone know if the sky anytime on hd downloads SD programs if you dont subscribe to the HD stuff



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Can not answer you this but nterested in answer as in same boat

Have a High Def capable TV - currently have full sub to Sky including Sky+

If I swapped the Sky+ box with a Sky HD box what would I get ? what would work ?


you would get only the BBC HD channel - all the rest would be in standard definition


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If you dont take the HD Sub for the sky HD channels then the box will cost £299 unless you use ebay for the box.

I am also planning on getting an HD box from midsat (dont know the price but it says £149 on the website)and doing a straight swap with my sky+ box and subscribing to the HD channels as have had a HDTV for a few months now.


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the hd boxes are the way forward
my understanding of the sky anytime is you will have to subscribe to the hd channels as the majority proggrames shown are from hd channels
if you go for the hd box you will not regret it the picture qaulity on tthe sd channels is better even through a sd tellevision but i have a HD ready telly so i get a marked improvement all over i had to go for 1 day with out it due to problems and i could not believe how bad the picture was on my normal sky+
hope this helps

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