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Apologies if this is in the wrong forum but there are so many to chose from!

I'm a self confessed newb when it comes to interfacing TV's with computers thus I'd like a bit of guidance from you knowledgable guys and girls.

Currently I have my Sky+ HD box hooked up to an old 24" inch monitor via the Sky boxes HDMI out, through a dumb adapter to DVI in on my monitor. This means whenever I want to plug my monitor into my PC for some triple screen fun I have to unplug Sky/plug in the PC etc. I'm pretty lazy and hate having to do this.

So, are there any TV cards which I can install in my computer to allow me to plug Sky into my PC and play it on the monitor via the PC? My main concern is still maintaining the functions of Sky+ HD, i.e. recording two streams at once & the HD quality.

I did have a TV tuner card 7 or 8 years ago and I remember the interface was horrible. It would be laggy and if I clicked off the TV window the video would pause (not much use if I want to to surf and watch TV at the same time). Have the interfaces got better in the recent years?

Your guidance is appreciated. Cheers.


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In short, nope. Well, yes there is, but it'd make you pull your hair out, and would only work for a wee while before Murdoch decided to get all unsettled and changed his codec or whatever.


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There are two ways of achieving this but neither are ideal.

First it to use an analogue capture device and send the output of the Sky box to PC and play back that way. Many issues with this are
  • you need to get your PC to change channels on the Sky box
  • you get fairly bad analogue quality signal
  • there is quite a delay so you can not send audio from the Sky box to amp and video from PC (so you would loose any DD audio)
  • you have no direct access between Sky box and PC (so things like if you go into Sky+ and setup two recordings then your PC will be useless)

The other way is the Dreambox type route as detailed in the above link. This looks fairly fiddly to setup but sores seem to be working for many people. As to how long this will last before Sky change something and stop it is another matter.

Freesat is another matter... you can get BBC and ITV HD directly using a TV card and have all the Sky+ functionality built directly into your PC. Only issue is that you loose all the Sky channels


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the other option no-one has mentioned is to get a sky hd box with component outputs. Then get a hauppauge HDPVR
HD PVR Product overview

which keeps everything in HD.

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