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Hi all,

Have just ordered Sky+ HD (God help me with the lip-sync) and want to know the best way to hook things up with HDMI & scart cables.

I understand that the new Sky+ HD box will connect to my HD TV via HDMI.

I have just bought a new Sony 32V4000 HD TV and it has 3 HDMI ports. I also have a VCR/Hard Drive unit as well as a DVDRW unit.

Do I understand correctly that the Sky+ HD box will connect to the TV via HDMI, then a scart from the Sky+ HD box VCR outlet to the DVDRW then DVDRW??

Sorry to be dim :hiya:


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yep. sounds right, use the tv scart out on the sky box as this is normally rgb, which will give better picture quality.


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Don't apologise - I've got lots of answers by seeing questions that other have asked :thumbsup:

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