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Jan 22, 2007
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Hello everyone

recently i had sky post me out a free SkyGnome as a gift (dont ask me why or how lol).

Now i have connected it to my HD box as per instructions, the SKY HD RF2 output socket has to b connected to the SKY Gnome sender. Now thats all good but now my Magic eye aint working. I know that RF2 output has to b used for the magic eye to work as it has a power output but i cant seem to have both the Magic eye and Gnome working at the same time now

how can i sort this out plz
Hi Mulder79. Would a rf spiltter work. There is a couple listed at
well the Gnome RF lead does have an input on the other end so i can attach both the Gnome and Magic eye to the RF2 output. the problem i think is der aint enough power to run the Magic eye..
Sorry mate I see what you mean now. There is only enough power for one or the other. sorry cant be of any help.

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