Sky HD installed on Pioneer 506xde but..

Dan Mac

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Despite my best efforts at educating my Dad about the HDMI connection problem detailed in the sticky thread, he managed to get confused when the installer hooked up his new HD box. He asked the engineer about the cable he was connecting with but forgot to specify the socket frying problem known to the skyHD/Pioneer hdmi connection. So, the engineer instead told him there were better quality hdmi cables available at a premium if you wanted to try something else.

So there it is hooked up via hdmi and i was wondering why i bothered to ask about HD installation on this forum :suicide:

After reading elsewhere that sky's policy now was to have their engineers hook up via compnent if the tv was a plasma, i thought i'd better ring sky technical to see why this hadn't happened. All the bloke there said was that Pioneer have got an issue which is as yet unresolved. He asked if we'd had any messages "saying this doesn't support HDCP" and I explained not yet but if i waited for that to happen wouldn't it be too late and the socket would be fried? He said, "not necessarily". At this point i told the tech support guy that i understood from various forum posts that sky's policy was to have their engineers fit via component if the customer had a pioneer telly. He straight denied this to be true and if i had any concerns i should contact Pioneer.:mad: :mad: :mad:

I asked him if he thought it was an irresponsible attitude for a company to take, continuing to install via a connection which is known to be prone to damage, when there is another method available. He said if i was worried i should go and get some compnent leads and wait for the problem to be resolved. But that's the whole issue. We've paid for the premium tv product available and been given an install which could likely fry the hdmi socket on our £3000 tv. Now we're being told to go and spend another £50 on some leads because it's not their problem. NICE ONE!:eek:

Dan Mac

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Cheers for that Darren. My Dad will be relieved to hear it. :thumbsup:

Still thought sky were a bit gung-ho about it though. If i worked for Pioneer I'd be livid with the lack of cooperation. They should have got together to prevent the hdmi installs until problem solved.


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The Sky engineer should have fitted with component anyway. They have all been briefed to do this with Pioneer T.V.'s.

Here is a link to the info on Pioneers website

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Yes. I just found that myself as well. Basically the man i spoke to at Sky technical just fobbed me off with duff information. I will be complaining to his supervisor and asking for a tape of the conversation to be reviewed where i asked him the direct question about current installation policy for HD and Pioneer plasmas.

I have just got off the phone to Pioneer customer relations who are bewildered by what I had been told but have not offered to provide me with cables to connect with component.:thumbsdow

They said i should contact sky and explain that their installation was done incorrectly.:(

I'm sick of this already and feel like a backhand cross court return is just around the corner... :suicide:

EDIT: see post below. pioneer have now responded well.


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component cables cost about £2.50
HDMI cables cost about £5

I'm not sure why anyone would want to pay more. Forking out another £2,50 is hardly the end of the world.
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