Sky HD installation! Easy/Hard?


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Nov 18, 2005
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Hello (and Merry Christmas)

I have just about had enough of my Sky+ box falling over all the time so I think its time I bought me a Sky HD box, seeing as I have the Hitachi PD9700 its a good decision all round!

My question is this... How easy is it to install the HD box yourself? I can't be bothered to wait and pay the standard sky prices so if I source a box myself is it easy to switch over from the + box? I know I will have to contact Sky to switch over my subscription but I was hoping there would be some documents or guides to help me through the install.

Any help would be great

It's really easy.

Just unplug the leads from the back of your sky+ box and put them into the back of the HD box.

Swap the card from the + into the HD.

Then, put the HDMI lead from the HD box into your tv.

When you power the box for the first time, hold backup on the box and it will update with the latest software.

Then, just call sky and get the card paired with the box.
Pretty sure you need a quad LNB though, to record 2 channels whilst viewing another. Otherwise, I agree with the above :smashin:
Already have the Quad LNB as I am a SKy + customer!

Thanks for the replys guys, this sounds nice and easy to me :)

Have a good Christmas!

Sorry just to clarify can Sky HD record TWO channels while you are watching another one! I.e. Sky+ you can currently record two channels but you have to be watching one of them?

If Sky HD can record two more channels on top of the one you are watching then I will have to run another coax from my dish (third coax), not a problem but cool if you can record three channels in total :)
So still the same as + then, only records two channels?

(puts the coax back in the shed)
Sorry for building your hopes up.
Do you think you'd use it though?
I have enough trouble finding one to record, let alone two :(

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