Sky HD Installation Charge Question


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Hi all, just joined. I found the site on Google, and since I'm probably gonna get Sky HD at my new house, I thought I'd join. All the other forums look boring, but this one seems fairly active. :D

Anyway, onto my question. I'm going to be moving into a new house in about a week, and there's a 99% chance I'll be getting Sky HD installed. However, as the house is a rental, there was someone living there before me, and they obviously had either Sky+ or Sky HD installed, because there's a dish on the house already with a quad LNB and a dual cable coming into the lounge.

Anyway, what I wanted to ask is if I get a new Sony HDTV from PC World or Currys or someplace like that, they give you the option of getting Sky HD for only £149 instead of the usual £299. That excludes the price of installation though, and I was wondering about that: if the dish is in place, there's no need for an installation to take place, right? I can just plug the HD box into the TV, arial, and so on, and all should be fine? So I'd save £60?

Or does someone still need to come out and fiddle around with the box and it's settings and such? :confused:

Also, what cables does the thing usually come with, brand new from Sky?

Anyway, if someone could answer those questions, it would be appreciated. :thumbsup:


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They need to initialise it by calling Sky & hooking it up to a phone line, I'm sure that's documented on the web somewhere though (and probably on here)

It comes with HDMI.


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Well...this is interesting. I emailed Sky and they want to charge £60 installation even though there's already a dish with a quad LNB at my new house.

They said it's so the installer can come out and "check the dish is compatible with the service you require".

Well, I think if they want to charge that, I'm going to take the dish and wiring off the house and sell it on eBay, and they can give me a new one.

At least then it'll be properly installed too, as the current dish just has the cable thrown over the roof and it's in the wrong place where I want it in the room.

Hell, even if I sold the dish for £5, that's still £5 more then I started with!


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If you're unsure, take the £60 hit for install - and force the issue about repositioning the cabling - your buck after all.

If you don't mind about that, there's local installers and websites that will sell you a box for £150 + postage, which can be hooked up yourself really easily. However, if you're not an existing subscriber, I'm not sure how you go about getting the viewing card - maybe someone else knows??

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If you get it through Currys or Comet you do not get the box off them. It comes with the installer so you have to pay the £60 fee.

I tried it when upgrading from Sky+. Was going to get one on E bay but could get one any less than £250 at the time, so went with Currys and the installer and paid £210. If you can get a box for less that £210 do it yourself. The installer only puts it in and pairs your card, he did not touch my dish or cables.

If you get the box from E bay or other source it should come with a card to pair up. I'm sure those ones on E bay said came with a card

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