sky hd install causes BT homehub upload problem??


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got my box installed downstairs this morning via a microfilter as requested by engineer. ive got bt homehub installed upstairs off another microfilter, but bloody annoyingly its stopped me FTP uploading (im website designer).

it was fine before the box was installed so im guessing the HD box, has messed with the settings somehow. If i unplug the box and line downstairs, the problem is still there.

can anyone give any advice please (got engineer coming friday, but deadline tomorrow!!).


try taking the filter off the hub when HD is unplugged, may be the filter screwing things up.



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What additional telephone wiring/socketry if any has been installed this morning?

Try just unplugging the SkyHD box i.e. leave the filter in place.

Next disconnect absolutely every phone and phone extention socket in the house from the master bt socket and connect the bthomehub directly to the master BT socket. ADSL does not require a filter if nothing else is present on the line and this allows you to elimate any problems with filters.

Are any other services affected i.e. do you have internet connectivity when the FTP service is not available? If you do then whilst it seems an amazing co-incidence I can't see how the SkyHD install would partially affect the ADSL services. ADSL would either work completly or you would keep getting ADSL disconnections or it would not work at all ???


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i take it you have put a filter on the sky box for the adsl?

hi the cable from the hd box is plugged in the left hand phone socket, not the adsl socket. should it be in the other socket then?

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