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I have just had sky HD installed in my living room. I would like to somehow display on both the main TV in the living room and also the TV in the playroom ( the next door room).

I don't particularly want to run a cable inside so ideally I would like to have a HDMI splitter from the sky before it goes to my amp and somehow run a cable along the outside wall of the house to then come into the playroom.

I'm not overly fussed about controlling by pointing at the TV in the playroom - will have the sky remote (logitech harmony in the main room) in there and it will reach the sky box through the glass separating doors.

Also I don't care about it displaying the same image - we will be in either one room or the other.

Is this achievable and what would we need to buy?


It makes a lot of difference whether or not you want HD quality.
For SD you can have a video sender which needs no wiring.
For HD you can use a "splitter" with cables to get it in one room at a time.
There is the alternative of an expensive sender for that too.
Your issue may be the splitter and audio if you have an AVR and want 5.1 surround sound.

HDMI can only carry one audio stream at a time in, Skys case Stereo or 5.1, so if your remote TV doesnt support 5.1 you would have to set SKy to stereo to ensure you had sound at both locations.

However there is a way around this, set the HDMI audio to stereo and connect the Skybox via optical to your amplifier and set this to 5.1. Then you will get stereo in the other room and 5.1 in the main room.


Those are the sort of things you need though I'd be suspicious of 25 metres of cable!

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