Sky HD+ in a static caravan


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Hi I want SKY HD+ installed in my static caravan, most Vans already seem to have Sky installed, scanning the past threads on this subject there seems to be conflicting theorys on wether you can use your Sky Card from home in a second unpaired box in the Van? I have SKY HD+ at home and a spare HD+ box

The site owners say they "can arrange to get it installed" but I could do it mysef only worry is drilling through the van itself...

How are people getting past the connection to phone line issue?

I cant beleive everyone on the site are paying two subs for sky so how is it possible to get two boxs working with one card? I supposed they could be just on Freesat from Sky??


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Not sure about HD cards, but a standard Sky subscription card will work in any receiver for everything *except* the premium channels (movies/sports).

AFAIK the HD box does not need to be connected to the phone line at all times (which Multiroom does), but requires a phone line only for installation purposes.
I also think that a £25 fee can be paid to waive this condition.

If I'm wrong on any or all of this no doubt it will be corrected.
Hopefully member Skytech will read and answer this


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My HD+ box has never been connected to a phone line but thats just cos its from the recent Tesco deal.. Sky has been on caravans for years... Good news about the cards tho:thumbsup:


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If you've bought the HD box yourself from somewhere other than Sky - Sky won't do the installation for you anyway. So, no need to mess about with phone connections.

If you've already got a satellite dish on the caravan, you can either get away with just disconnecting the standard Sky box and connecting the HD box - the only thing you won't be able to do is record two channels simultaneously, or record one channel while watching another.

Or, you can replace your single LNB with a quad and run a second cable from dish to box.

As fernandez says, your existing card will allow you to watch all channels in your current subscription except the premium channels (Sky Movies and Sky Sports).
Also note that with your existing card you will only be able to record the FTA channels and nothing requiring a viewing card. The easiest thing is to take your existing HD box and card with you.


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:confused:Another question,would Sky do a full install on a static caravan?

Doubtful - but you never know.
In any event it would be as a complete new install and subscription would be required which, I think, you're trying to avoid


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nah iv got a tesco box :smashin: 2 months free then Freesat from Sky will be perfect, theres poor tv reception on site otherwise

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