Sky HD hardware help required -- how to combat overheating


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Whenever the weather is good my living room warms up, so much so that the Sky HD box sat on a glass shelf in an expensive dedicated AV rack with lots of air and space around it overheats during the day when on standby and crashes so that it needs a hard-reset (power down, power up) to get going again.

It's particularly annoying if I forget to do this when I get home from work as it means it won't record anything in the evenings; what's particular bad is if I go on holiday I have to hope for horrible weather back in the UK so that my Sky HD box stays functional.

Summer holiday this year is nearly four weeks, so I'm concerned that it might be sunny a couple of days in UK and crash my Sky HD box and it won't record anything from that point onwards.

I've already got the STB on feet to raise it off the shelf a couple of centimetres, but this doesn't seem to help -- nor does keeping the roman blinds shut on the windows.

My Sky HD box is old now, it was installed in launch week, so warranty not a worry: is there anything I can do to this box to stop it overheating? Fit better fans? A cooler hard disc?

Or is my only option to point an electric fan at my AV rack and the Sky HD box in particular and leave it running day-and-night for four weeks?




Well you could point a powerfull fan @ your AV equipment but that could cost you a fair bit on the electricity bill ?

A cheaper option could be trying these people for some replacement fans for your Thompson HD box. As your box is a launch week machine maybe your fans are starting to wear out or just clogged up with dust? Might even be worth calling these people for some advice ?

An even cheaper option would be to open the box & give all that dust a blast out with a can of aerosol air, ya know something thats going to get rid of that two years worth of crap coated to everything. Also remember to check the air vents on the side casing are clear of dust etc.

I must say well done your original box lasting 2 years, im on box number 5 lol :)

Good luck :thumbsup:


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Thanks for the link!

I've had the box open, and there's not usually much dust inside there, but a good clean out with some compressed air is probably a good idea.

You say that you've had five, maybe mine overheating in warm weather is really a failure of a part or a fault? Or are they all as sensitive to temperature, even when on standby?


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