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    SKY HD FAQ Thread

    Please read the information below and add to the existing posts before posting a new one :thumbsup: If you would like to make additions to the info below please post below. As and when changes are made, your post will be deleted to keep this FAQ clean for all members to read :smashin:

    Common Topic Threads
    Please post in the threads below rather than opening up a new one. New ones will be closed and pointed at these where necessary.
    SkyHD - What's on, when, what you would like to see on SkyHD?

    SkyHD Installation Phone Number

    Connections on new Thomson HD Box
    Full set of connections Here. Sound output, Optical/HDMI discussions Here, here, here. Video DVI connection

    SKY HD Polls
    Post Your Installation Date for Sky+HD
    People with install dates, when did you preorder?
    What do you think of the Sky HD £10 premium?
    Who has and who will not
    Have you preordered SkyHD?
    Is SkyHD good value or not

    SkyHD availability direct through retail outlets instead of Sky
    General discussion Here, also Comet here, Sevenoaks Sound and Vision here,

    SKY HD Contract Info
    Here, here

    BBC HD Info, Including Match of the Day and World Cup
    here, here, here

    Confused about 1080i?
    Read here for detailed info

    Pre-order/Price discussions
    SkyHD & Multiroom prices here , other discussions Here, here, and if you are not getting SKY HD, post here, and if you think there's too much hype, post here or see here

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