Sky HD cost poll

Sky HD box

  • under £199

    Votes: 14 19.2%
  • under £299

    Votes: 36 49.3%
  • under £399

    Votes: 21 28.8%
  • more than £500

    Votes: 2 2.7%

  • Total voters


A " friendly" little guess as to the eventual cost of the sky box.

HDMI lead for the winner, kindly donated my MAW:)

Must be exact, to the penny.


Active Member
£299 and £10 for the subs, reducing to £199 around christmas. I guess the box will be 320 gig with 160 save for pussh on demand like at the moment. Also I guess the announcement will be on the 28feb or the first of March.

Of course all the above is a wild guess and I'm sure I will be totally wrong but heh who cares.


With all the gossip going on and T-Drive Launching today I reckon it may even be announced on Fri or over the weekend!


Active Member
£399 for the Nice shiny box.

£10 a month for current SKY World and Sky + Subscribers. :smashin:

Av2diefor - If we both win you can have the cable, I already have one! ;)

The Atheist

Well-known Member
£249.99 for the box, £10 for subscription (on top of normal subscription price)


Active Member
£299.00 for the box, £10.00 a month subs for anyone with anything less than the full package, free subs if you have the full package.

If you don't have the full package you only get the HD channels relating to your subs level (ie no sports subs, no sports HD etc)

Still reckon late March early April is favourite launch date.

You know I'm right! ;)


Active Member
They won't have that many boxes, so they can charge what they like. It will make the "bargains" further down the line look more tempting.

I go for £500+ for the box, plus a £10 monthly subscription.



The box £289.99. Subscription - free if you are paying top whack already, else £11.99.

Oh please let me be right:D


"TOTALLY FREE!" :eek: Mr sky will wake up on the morning of launch after having spent a beautifull night in bed with his MISTRESS...and say hey i know what lets give a little back to all our hardworking, loyal and ever so supporting customers for a change and upgrade all our subscribers with HD for FREE!..This would shock everyone into beleiving sky are the most genuine and customer caring company out there and increase their subscriptions ten fold...:rolleyes: Then again........£349.99 for the box and £4.99 a month extra subs


andypearce said:
I think we are short of a poll option - what if the box is between £399 and £500??

you will need bigger pockets.........


Standard Member
£349 and £10

service to start Sat 13th May ;)

Member 55145

Distinguished Member
i say £299 for new subscribers, £349 for existing subscribers and HD channels free IF you have everything else, if not 15.99 per month

cR4cKF0x 5TevE

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£299 for the box and £15 per month additional sub for the HD package, reducing to £10 addition if you take all the channels (movies, sports, etc.).

Full launch late March/early April. If pushed, I would say Monday 27th March, 12.00hrs.

If I win the cable I will sell it on here and donate the proceeds to Cancer Research.



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£199 for the box
sky should lower the subscription for standard def subscribers as the quality is not to the stardard it should be. :nono: if it was we might not all be in such a rush for hi def.
he hi def subscription should stay at the current level (no extra).

Nick 156

Active Member
I hope it'll only be £99 for the box, and a total monthly subscription of £50 (all channels incl. HD) :thumbsup:


Interesting post above, new subscibers versus upgrade. I think we rather assumed it would all be upgrade. I'm exactly with AV to die for, £399 and £10. It may be cheaper if you are not already a sky customer.

Next poll, when will they launch it?

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