Sky HD constantly wanting PIN


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My Sky HD box is driving me nuts.
It is currently asking for my PIN as I change the movie channels.
This is happening for The Kings Speech, New Moon, Eat Pray Love etc.
How's a man supposed to flick through channels?!

The box is set up with all parental controls set to off, as at 38 I am the youngest member of my household.

Any suggestions gratefully received!

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Slapped wrist for not doing a search as requested, as this is often asked. :)

Briefly, it's an Ofcom requirement so that films with the higher ratings can be shown during the daytime.

Yes, I know there are no children in your household, but the Sky box doesn't know that!

You can, of course, change the PIN so that it's easy to enter (1111, say) but there's no way to switch the requirement off.


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One workaround is to start recording amd then watch from the planner with 'pin prompt for pre-watershed playback' set to off. Doesn't help you channel surf though and you won't be asked for the pin after 8pm.


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Thanks for the info.

Oops re search, checked out the first dozen pages and didn't see anything so posted.

Slapped wrist and promise not to do it again.
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