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We're having Sky HD installed tomorrow :clap:

My question is; what connectivity do Sky provide with the box? I understand there's an HDMI output, but do they supply as standard an HDMI cable or some other method of connecting to my telly?

Basically; do I need to go buy an HDMI cable before tomorrow morning?



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They will supply you with a HDMI cable out of the box. This will be good enough for the picture (unless you want to read the should I spend £10000s on a new HDMI Cables threads in this forum!!!)

Ensure that they remove any Scart cables because the guy that installed mine just left it on a Scart cable that was being fed from a VCR that had an old aerial plugged in and my TV defaulted to that input and needed me to re-plumb everything.

HDMI will give you your picture and stereo sound to the TV. If you want DD you will need to connect it via Optical to an off board DD decoder, the HDMI does not carry 5.1 sound from the Sky HD box. Enjoy!

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