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i know we all know about them and its been brushed over in other topics but i had a chance to view them on my xbox360 via media center yesterday.

you have to change the display (zoom) to either 1 or 3 cant remember now and its fits perfect to the tv.

i must say the picture is stunning compared to normal digital tv i get on the same set (37wlt58)

now the only problem i have is the resolution. its 1440x1080. people are saying this is too small for what it should be.... is it? im on the other hand thinking its too LARGE! i would expect to see rugby in 720P ..... itd be a shame not to be able to see the hair on that rugby players ears because we watch it at a lower resolution :devil:

i wish sky would follow sonys lead and just go full 1080P and be done with it.... they need more [double the] bandwidth? launch another sattelite!

even tho the compression was a bit poor... which im sure was only for download reason, the picture truely was superb running from my 360 via component.

how else as everybody tested these clips and what are their oppinions?
i think it looks fantastic :thumbsup:


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The clips do look pretty good on a PC but they are overcompressed (download issues perhaps) and use the wrong codec (VC1 no H.264) and the resolution is unusual but unheard of.
SKY implied that their sport would be 720p which gives the bump in resolution and being progressive would give a smoother motion than an higher res interlaced signel, the much adored 1080p isn't on the cards from any EU broadcaster due to the demands on broadcast capacity. Pre-recorded media does not have that issue so SONY can offer 1080p with the player downscaling it to whatever res your panel accepts.

As a PC based demo they are good (prefer the Apple 1080p demos) but on my main LCD they show their weakness and you wonder why offer an demo which isn't representative of the actual broadcast?


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When you say 1080p do you mean 50p or 24/25p. I'm not sure there is a broadcast format that supports 1080/50p currently.

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scumball said:
When you say 1080p do you mean 50p or 24/25p. I'm not sure there is a broadcast format that supports 1080/50p currently.

not sure. whatever bluray/hddvd is.

personally id think 1080P at 50 & 60hz would be most beneficial. broadcasting at the native hz for what the original was filmed in. such as a US football game would be transmitted in 1080P 60 hz it would be filtered down to our tvs as 1080P 60hz without be butchered to 50hz(which is what sky HD is going to be doing :eek: ). and if a UK football match was being broadcast it would be at 50hz.

now i know it would take MASSIVE amounts of bandwidth to set this up but are they not trying to set a standard? why limit themselves to last years technology when 1080P sets are appearing? why not go the whole hog and be set for the next 10 years. actually lead the market for a change instead of adopting everyone elses ways.

id much rather have things on telly that could match my hd-dvds than settling for subpar stuff.

i dunno maybe im just peed off about this 50/60hz stuff and the fact when we finally get progressive we are implementing a interlaced format again. just one standard like we used to have would be nice again

EDIT: oh and to retouch on the bandwidth issue again. i know it will mean less channels, but i think thats a good thing. less space = more quality if you ask me. look at terestrial channels. they are limited and give much better content than all the "buy tv" on sky and DTV


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But there is no (AFAIK) commercially available broadcast format for 1080/50p. It would if available also need dual cabling throughout the production chain (Dual channel HD-SDI) and as such is not cost effective in production/acquisition, post-production or finally transmission. I can't see 1080/50p (1080/60p) happening.

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In theory if you have a 1080p display with good deinterlacing, then 1080i movies should end up as 1080p/25. Anyone know what happens with current sky movies? are they deinterlacable with a good scaler?

I'm disappointed that sky will be 720p/1080i but 50Hz only. they spend all their time bigging up HD ready which requires support for 60Hz, but then mess about with all the US imports.

Actually, considering the number of US sourced HD shows, Sky might have been better off going 60Hz completely.


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Bigger numbers do not mean better quality picture. 1080p has a lower frame rate at the mo,i think 25frames a second. which is why we have 1080i which is 50hertz.

Sky HD will broadcast sports in 1080i because its fast moving action.
try watching it in 1080p25:eek:

where as National geo and discovery will most probably be 720p

And Sony will not have 1080p on playstation 3. most games are pushing 60fps or atleast thats what they are trying to do. and i don't think broadcast HD will be anywhere near 1080p for a while.

I think i got all that right, a bit off topic but i heard the HD people at microsoft talking about it on a podcast


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Anychance of a link to these clips please ?

nvm found them after a bit more exploring.


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1080i is better for slow moving video, e.g. National geo and Discovery

720p/50 is better for sports and fast moving things (50 full frames per second rather than 50 half frames or 24/25 full frames)

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