SKY HD Cabling installation question


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I currently have sky and am planning to upgrade to HD. My current cabling is a mare it runs along the skirting on 2 walls and around my sitting room door. For the HD cabling I want that to go under my laminate flooring has anyone else done this and if so how did you do it ie diy or get firm to do it for you.




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So what you really want is a flat HDMI cable yes? I've not come across them but it's be worth a try asking this question in the cables and interconnects forum here.


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If you have sky+, you will already have 2 cables. However, these are usually replaced and upgraded when you get sky hd. I am sure you existing cabling would work fine though, if that is easier for all.

The alternative is to get the engineer to cable it up with new cable, leaving it not plumbed in under floorboards etc, leaving you sufficient amount of slack/spare cable, for you to 'make good' in your own time.

Enjoy anyway


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