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Afternoon Guys

After some help if possible and not sure if I am on the right forum to discuss.

Anyways I need to install my new HD box at the weekend (currently have a +).

Now the HDMI connection will run from the HD box to my AMP (Sony STR-DG910). But I also have one of thoese AV senders so I can watch my SKY upstairs, so I will need connect the scart cable to the amp as well.

So my question is really will the Amp take the HDMI cable as the main video source for downstairs or will it take the scart???

Any help greatly appreciated



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1. Go HDMI to TV as the SKY box is only Stereo on HDMI.
2. Connect optical from SKY box to AV amp for 5.1
3. Connect video sender to Scart out on SKY box.


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Hi Guys

Thanks for the replies

May sound a stupid question but I dont have a TV, I have a projector. I have one HDMI output on the amp that connects to the PJ that displays whatever the amp tells it to.

So would that mean I cut out point 1 of your mail below Andy and just do points 2 & 3.

Thanks again.:)

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