Sky+ HD box - will it work without Input 1 connected?


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The title says it all really. I am having issues with the satellite feed to my flat. Only one feed is currently working and when connected to Input 1 on my box reception is fine albeit that I can't record one programme and watch another at the same time (fair enough). However if I connect the "good" feed to Input 2 on my box, while the services menu shows that a signal is being delivered to the box, the screen message says the box is not receiving a satellite signal and I can watch nothing. So my question is - if there is no signal on Input 1 of the box, does that mean the box won't work? I'm asking the question because my landlord is telling me there is something wrong with my box and I need to contact Sky, whereas my suspicion is that the primary problem is with the loss of feed.

Timmy C

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Sorry if I've misunderstood but when both feeds are connected at the same time, what is the signal quality meter looking like for each one?

If you just want to try a feed on input 2 to test and it's showing on screen there is no signal, try recording something at the same time. Perhaps input one is for viewing and input two for recording.


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No it won't work, if you only have 1 feed in your flat it needs to be connected to input 1 on a hd box and turn single feed mode on in the installer menu.

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