Sky HD box - when is the 2nd generation box out?


Hi folks,

Do people know roughly when are we going to see the next Sky HD box coming out. I've been holding out for a while now and there are problems with the current box with regards to fan noise, etc. and HD content.



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No sign of a new version yet, expect it to be next year (if at all) for Thomson. You'll be lucky if the Pace version comes out this year.

Problems with current box with regards to fan noise? That only affects a few, not all of them.


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Pace say the end of the year for their box.

Sky have also recently purchased Amstrad (subject to MMC approval) so expect a new Sky manufactured box sometime.


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Does anyone know of any significant changes/up-grades/innovations planned for the 2nd gen boxes?


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Interesting last comment, I'm going to put mine in a wooden cabinet (backless) - hope that means I won't hear the sound!


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Mine is in a backless wooden cabinet and I can here the fan and the tick of the hard drive from 15 ft away.


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Mine is out in the open, and I can only hear it when right up next to it. From normal viewing distance, with the volume low its inaudible. I think the reason they are noisiy in cabinets, is because the fans need to work harder to keep the box cool.

I thought we were already on the third generation of thomson box.


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I've been holding out for a while now and there are problems with the current box with regards to fan noise, etc.

I'm very pleased that I took the plunge from Sky+ to Sky HD. The current HD box isn’t bad at all. If you’re interested in getting HD I’d just go ahead an do it, otherwise you may be waiting a long while for a box that may be not much different to the current one. After all the HD content is the important thing here, not the box. :rotfl:


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Got my HD box from Sky at the end of July, guess I've been lucky so far no problems.

Ok you can hear the hard drive being accessed when its first turned on or when checking the Anytime recordings but during playback at normal volume listening levels can't hear a thing nor from the fan.

If thats not put the mockers on it nothing will. :suicide:


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i had my 10 day old hd box replaced because it kept on rebooting itself when you changed channels and now the brand new replacement hd box has done the same but not as frequently

i've noticed that sometimes when i flick through the channels i get the no satellite signal is being received and i have to go up 1 channel and then back down to get a picture - this never used happen with my pace sky+ box

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