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Bert Coules

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Over the last few days I've found a good few recordings appearing on my hard disk which I didn't programme. Usually, but not always, they're shows which follow stuff which I did choose to record.

As an example, yesterday (Thursday) I'd programmed Just Around the Corner (Ch4 HD, 10.35-11.10pm) and later discovered that in addition the following four shows had all appeared as separate items in my Planner.

Has this been happening to anyone else?




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An usual problem presented itself a couple of nights ago.

I instructed the unit to record a ch4 hd programme that lasted a half hour and added the instruction to record the series.

The req. programme was recorded but the unit continued to record the following three programes untill it stopped.

These extra programmes had no connection to one required.

Know time will tell if I have a fault on the box or does it look for a " flag " to stop and if so could this have been missed by ch4 ?, and has this sort of problem happened to anyone else in AVF land.


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