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Sky HD box & Pioneer LX80 Connections


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I'm about to have Sky HD fitted. I understand you have to use the digital cable to get 5.1 sound in to the amplifier (which is fine) and that you can then put the HDMI cable direct to your TV. This does not suit me as it would require buying a longer cable to get to the TV and I would prefer to use a good 1m cable that I have to go from box to AV Amp. I'm not sure if:

a: there is a pass through even when off for sound and vision to the TV
b: a stand by mode that would pass through sound and vision without having to use the amp for full blown 5.1
c: can only get sound and vision if the amp is fully switched on and functional

Any advice appreciated,
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What doesn't suit you wouldn't suit me either, so everything goes through the amp, including Sky HD by HDMI for video and optical set to take precedence for audio, and only the amp goes into the TV.
That's on the Onkyo 607 and passthrough IS available if I wanted it, which I don't, but whether that applies to your amp only the manual for it can tell you - or maybe some helpful poster in the amplifier forum.


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I'm still not having much luck with getting 5.1 running.
I have assigned TV (on the Pioneer remote) to HDMI1/OPT1 and renamed it SKY+HD (so I know it's coming up). However I'm still not getting 5.1 when I choose TV. I have also set up DD on the Sky box.

I would appreciate any ideas with regard to what I might have missed.



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Hi mate, how is the amp set to decode the input assigned. I remember getting into a pickle with my Denon amp, where is would decode the signal as stereo even though it's 5.1, guess what I'm saying is that it might not be just enough to assign the optical input to the correct HDMI input but also tell it how to decode it.

Also (please don't take this the wrong way) you are on a channel outputting 5.1 :D


I have assigned TV (on the Pioneer remote) to HDMI1/OPT1
On Onkyos you get the option to force the optical to take precedence over the HDMI audio.
Again your Pioneer manual should tell you if you can do that and if so how.

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