Sky+ HD Box 'No Signal' Error no. 28 - works fine with Sky+ box though!


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Hi all,

I had my Thomson Sky HD box installed originally by New Channels, an outside contractor of Sky in Oct 08 (I had to use them because I live in a flat). I have one feed on my wall, which is from a communal system for about 25 people. When I had the Sky HD installed, I knew that I wouldn't be able to do some things such as record one, watch another etc...

About 2 weeks after I received the box, I started getting an intermittent fault on the box - it would show up as no signal received (number 28, sometimes 25 in teh top right corner) - this would happen for 5-10 seconds then come back on - and sometimes it would only happen on specific channels. This problem just got worse and worse over the next month until I had no signal received on any channel, for a day or so on end.

I called the guys, and they came out (after 8 days!!!) and swapped the box. Sadly, when they came round, everything was working ok which was quite annoying, but they swapped it anyway. The next day, the same problem happened and wouldn't go off for 2 days, only BBC2 worked! I called them and they said it must be the signal, we checked all the LNB settings, reset the box, updated the software etc etc but nothing worked, so the signal was blamed. To note, I get 35% signal strength and 100% signal quality (obv input 2 is not locked as I only have 1 feed). To note, when the guy came he said that the signal was fine (tested it with a reader) - the readings were:
H-H - 80db - 91%
H-L - 70db - 85%
L-L - 72db - 65%
L-H - 78db - 70%

(the L might be a V, can't tellfrom his writing)

So then I eventually (today!) got a Sky+ box off a friend and tested it, and lo and behold, it worked perfectly first time. I phoned up New Channels to complain and was told what I felt wasn't true, but I guess it might be - you guys will know best.

The guy said it migth still be the signal, as the Sky HD box sometimes doesn't work even when a Sky+ box does (I can only assume this is because Sky HD needs more bandwidth or something?) He said it was because they interpret the signals in completely different ways. I remembered that when my original (first new customer install in Oct) box arrived, the seal was broke on the box which made me believe it wasn't a new one. He said that this was impossible because a new installation has to have a new Sky box due to the NDS number (he didn't explain any further). He said that a replacement box has it's NDS nullified. I then asked him for my NDS numbers, and he said that the replacement box one is 9582**100998 (starred numbers in case they can be copied and used), and my old original box number was 4E3011 031423**6. I questioned why teh box numbers were different and he said he didn't know - which makes me think he just made it all up to confuse me.

So, they've agreed to come out and look at it, but they've said that if it's my signal they will charge £50 as a call out charge, and not replace the box. I also asked them not to give me a Thomson box and the guy said that only Thomson make the boxes (I'd already looked up and found that Pace, Amstrad and Samsung do) - when I challenged this he said he'd only ever seen a Thomson box and that's all they had. i know that Thomson boxes have a lot of PSU problems and I'm thinking this might be the issue here.

What advice would you give me? Should I push Sky for a Samsung box as a replacement - are they the best ones out there at the moment? Anything you have would be great!

Thanks for reading!


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The box is faulty, the front end is the same spec. for any Sky box. -80dBm is low but perfectly useable.

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