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Sky HD box keeps crashing...


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Hi All,

Whilst watching the footy the other night (on Sky HD1) my HD box (~18 months old) switched itself off. I unplugged, gave it a couple of minutes, switched it back on, gave it a couple of minutes more, and then started watching the footy again.

2 mins later - same thing.

And again, and again.

I think after 5 times in 30 mins, it seemed to last the rest of the evening, and i've not had a problem since.

Up to now, it has been an 'ok' box. I suffer a number of odd things, like the occasional failed recordings; switching from SD to HD channel gives a no signal received error message (needs resetting as above); suffered broken /stuttering video/audio playback if I pause live tv then playback (needs resetting as above); damn noisy whirring when nothing happening...

A friend of mine said something about the infamous 18 month old failing capacitor issue...?

To be honest, i am hoping to ditch my Sky subs and save mslf £50 a month, and get a Foxsat HDR for £300 (whenever they back in stock) - but i don't feel very comfortable at the thought of selling my HD box to somebody if it has problems.

I guess my question is whether the problem is common, and if there is a simple fix, eg reset, or format disk, etc that will cure the problem?

If it comes to paying Sky £65 for a call out just so i can sell somebody a brand new box for £100, i'd sooner not bother giving Sky an unnecessary £65 in the first place, and just chuck the damn box in the skip.

Any ideas?

Cheers - Kevin.


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A friend of mine said something about the infamous 18 month old failing capacitor issue...?
Well, if you haven't upgraded the PSU yet, that will be the answer. And cheaper than any other solution.


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What is the reset procedure? Thats why im in this thread as im having similar issues.:(


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Press Services, 4, 0, 1 & Select. This brings you to the Installers Setup. Select Option 8. Be warned, this deletes all current and future recordings. Use only as a last resort if you've got 'treasured' recordings.:D

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