SKY+HD box - Interference (pixilation)


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After many months of looking at this forum to obtain comprehensive answers to my questions, advice on my installations, etc – I’ve finally decided to join and submit a post as I am a bit puzzled on one problem I am experiencing.

I have an issue with interference (pixilation) on some sky channels on my ‘eBay’ purchased SKY+HD box. This is running from a Quad LNB set up on a professional installed sky dish. The other outputs run to 2 separate receivers. (Channels effected are BBC1 BBC2, ITV 1, 2, 3, and 2+1, Channel 4 plus a few obscure channels like 127).

The box is OK as it works perfectly with my friends dish / setup across the road - so I have ruled that one out. I’ve tried powering down the sub and AV system which are local to the receiver and all my power cables are a sensible distance away. All my RF connections are good.

The original unit (standard pace sky box) works fine and using both of the input cables, which are used for the Sky + set up, no interference is displayed. No problems have been experienced with the other recievers.

FYI - My installation is a KDL52” Sony Bravia TV with a Blue Ray player and Sony AV surround sound system – all connected with HDMI and scart cables. (All cables hidden in conduit the walls)

The problem appeared from the first time the 'new' box was fitted - but only happened a few times – it’s gradually got worse in the last month to a stage that it’s almost un-watchable!

An important thing to mention is that we have a large ‘Christmas’ tree partially blocking the line of site to the dish which I suspect is the problem – however we have never had an issue with the other standard receivers – even on wet, windy nights when I presume that a ‘wet’ tree would present an even bigger problem to the dish / LNB.

So are the sky+HD boxes more sensitive to this issue?

The signal strength is approx. 80% but the quality (and has always been) down to around 50-60% for both inputs. Also, would this only be an issue with the main BBC and ITV channels?

(I am located in west Oxfordshire and the RF is set to the default 68 – as per the professional installed system. I have tried changing to a different frequency to rule out interference from local transmitters).

One final question - does anyone know if I will get the new EPG via the dish (I have no phone line connected at the moment) if I have only subsribed to SKY+ and not the HD service?

Thanks for a great forum and you advice on this issue would be much appreciated - before I cut the tree down:) (Only joking!)


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Check the signal quality when tuned into a channel with problems, it may vary from one to another.


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Thanks for the info - I didn't realise that it was specific to each channel.

I'll try this later whe I get home.



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The Christmas tree is the problem. The reason why it wasn't before is maybe the new branch growth this spring is affecting the signal strength a bit more than previously. I would get the dish moved. It needs absolutely clear line-of-sight at all times.
It will only get worse as the tree grows further.


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Thanks for the advice JH4 - I will look to re-site the dish to a more suitable location. Strange that it only seems to be a issue with the HD reciever

Many Thanks

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