Sky HD box cover... is it worth it?


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Just had a call from Sky asking if i wanted to take out their cover for our HD box, we've had it a year and a half so i guess it is out of warranty. I think the lady was offering it for £4 a month for 20 months or something similar.

I said no as it's just more money going out each month, but now i'm wondering whether i should consider it.

I mean, if the box did go bang, what is the likely outcome? Would i really have to pay Sky £200+ for a new one, or is it likely that with a bit of haggling they'd do it cheaper, or even free?

Any thoughts or previous experience on this matter greatly appreciated!


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In my opinion, no, it's not worth it. If you have a problem, Sky will do whatever is necessary to put it right for you for a fixed £65 callout fee. That includes a replacement, usually refurbished, Sky box.
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A year and a half doesn't seriously come into it. You have normal Customer Protection rights for a lot longer than that. It actually sounds an odd offer if it was really coming from Sky. Anyway, as Johnbyte implies, there's no point in doing anything as Sky will always make sure you have a working receiver, to keep you as a customer.

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