Sky HD box connection to older AV receiver with no HDMI


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Hi all, our old Sky+ box just broke, so we ordered a new HD box - lovely, except we connected the old box via S-video & 2 audio cables. The new box does not have that option. The AV receiver (Yamaha RX-V459DAB) has S-Video, component video, optical audio & separate Audio/Video jacks; no scart, no HDMI, no USB. It goes to a projector, which (of course!) has HDMI and other sockets, but we used the S-Video for that (from the receiver) as well. Any thoughts on how we connect the new Sky box to the existing system (i.e. can we run HDMI straight from sky box to projector and use optical audio to receiver for sound)? Or is it a case of once the technology is obsolete (S-video) you are supposed to lob a perfectly good receiver and fork out for a new one? Alternatively I suppose we could get a different set-top box, but I have no idea where to start with that.

Any advice gratefully received.


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S-video is one of the worst methods of transferring video from one device to another - so you weren't doing yourselves any favours by running s-video from Sky to amp, then from amp to TV, with your original Sky box. A direct connection using RGB scart would have been better - certainly a direct connection using HDMI now will be a million times better.



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